25 May 2007

TI PNG calls for clean-up of public service

1:33 pm on 25 May 2007

The Papua New Guinea chapter of Transparency International says the country needs a government with the will to clean out corrupt officials in government departments.

And there are signs of a growing support for the call as campaigning for next month's election intensifies.

A former prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta says corruption has become systemic while the opposition leader Peter O'Neill's People's Congress Party is calling for PNG to bring in the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

TI's Peter Aitsi says corruption is a huge monster which has penetrated into the public service.

"Our hope lays on these elections that come before us. And the intention of all anti corruption campaigners is to return a government who will have the will to clean out the public service and truly put in an anti corruption stand which will be cemented in the performance of government."

Peter Aitsi