28 May 2007

Tongan editor wins PINA Media Freedom Award

3:05 pm on 28 May 2007

The editor of Tonga's Kele'a newspaper, Tavake Fusimalohi, has been given the 2007 Pacific Media Freedom Award.

The award of the Pacific Islands News Association was announced in Solomon Islands by the head of the local media organisation, John Lamani.

He says Mr Fusimalohi stands for everything the award symbolises, which is fighting to bring the people of Tonga freedom of information and expression and not giving into pressure.

Mr Fusimalohi was invited as as one of the main speakers at the Honiara convention but was not allowed to leave Tonga.

He has been charged with sedition and criminal defamation.

He is among three Tongan pro-democracy journalists and media executives facing possible jail terms.