28 May 2007

Niue power services go down for more than a day

3:27 pm on 28 May 2007

People on Niue are angry after they spent a day and a half at the weekend without power.

The island has been plagued by serious power problems for some time, partly as a result of a fire at the power station last year but there also have been ongoing concerns about the state of all of the power infrastructure on Niue.

Much of the cabling is over thirty years old and needs to be replaced.

MP and restarauteur, O'Love Jacobsen, says people are upset at the latest cuts especially since there has been no explanation for why the service went down.

"It's been a loss to our businesses. Much of us had done a lot of cooking that day [Friday Niue time] and not only us with our cooking but also the traders with their freezers and stuff, and of course all that had come to a standstill, and that has been a real inconvenience."

Ten days ago, the weekly Air New Zealand flight returned to Auckland after problems with the landing lights at Niue's airport.

The latest flight landed without incident.