30 May 2007

Marshall Islands NGO says lack of support for women seeking government positions

9:15 am on 30 May 2007

A member of the Women United Together Marshall Islands NGO group says there is a lack of support for women who wish to seek government office positions.

Dr Hilda Heine is an advisor to the NGO group, WUTMI, and is attending the 10th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women in New Caledonia this week.

She says governments role in supporting gender equality is critical, but there remains a lack of political commitment towards gender equality.

Doctor Heine says women who want to run for office can be prepared to face difficulties.

"Women lack the confidence, its still a mans world in terms of political office, there are still lack of support for women seeking office, but most of all I think its educating the voters to understand the need for women to participate in decision making at the highest level."

Dr Hilda Heine says WUTMI is involved in educating voters about the importance of womens participation in political office.