30 May 2007

Call for more to be done over illegal brewing of kwaso in Solomon Islands

3:45 pm on 30 May 2007

There is a call for more to be done over the illegal brewing and drinking of kwaso in Solomon Islands.

The general manager of the Family Support Centre, Lorio Sisiolo, says they are seeing more and more women coming in to the centre in Honiara, complaining of domestic violence due to the effects of kwaso.

The police seized 600 litres of the home brew last week, which has an alcohol content of between 90 to 100 percent.

Ms Sisiolo says she welcomes the police crackdown on the manufacturers of kwaso but she would also like to see those drinking it, held to account.

"It's best to have those who usually take kwaso to face some justice because sometimes they just take it for granted. They just don't care who is their neighbours or who is around them so both for the producer and those who take it, should face justice."

Lorio Sisiolo.