31 May 2007

Civil society groups in Solomon Islands say appoint qualified indigenous officials

7:42 am on 31 May 2007

Civil society groups in Solomon Islands have issued a call demanding the Sogavare Government immediately appoint qualified indigenous officials as Attorney General and Police Commissioner.

The groups, comprised of trade unions, women's groups and Transparency Solomon Islands, say the failure to appoint Solomon Islanders is clearly motivated by the Prime Minister's obsession with Julian Moti - the Australian he wants as Attorney General.

Don Wiseman has more.

"The civil society groups say the government is systematically undoing the country's governance systems and undermining its senior leaders. It says the first victim was former Attorney General Primo Afeau who had to be sacked to make way for Mr Moti. And it says the government is now working to remove the chairman of the Public Service Commission and most likely, the entire membership of PSC, in order to lift the suspension it placed on the appointment of Mr Moti. The civil society groups say they have reliable information that the PSC has been directed in writing to lift Mr Moti's suspension. They say to appoint foreigners to these posts is a vote of no confidence by the government in Solomon Islanders."