5 Jun 2007

Further development of projects in Fiji from marine protected areas

3:19 pm on 5 June 2007

There is to be further development in Fiji of projects to generate income from marine protected areas.

This follows successful sales of the first farmed coral from Motoriki island in the Lomaiviti group in a project started by an NGO, Partners in Community Development.

Its executive director, Alisi Daurewa, says a major part of their work is implementing marine protected areas.

But, she says now, it is not just about the conservation and management of a community's marine resources.

"We now need to look at taking them a stage further in terms of generating some income out of what they're already doing, so there are alternatives, like the coral is the one that out of them all, is the most developed right now. But, seaweed is also one that we're beginning to develop."

Ms Daurewa says they will work with the women of the community to develop lotions and soaps or medicinal products.