11 Jun 2007

Tuvalu to show the world their plight struggling against sea level rise

10:41 am on 11 June 2007

The people of Tuvalu are preparing to show the world the reality of sea level rise and how it's affecting their lives.

Tuvalu is one of many Pacific countries whose islands could disappear due to sea level rise, and climate change.

However, a project organised by the non government organisation, Tuvalu-Overview, aims to photograph as many local people as it can and collect their feeling about the future of their country.

The results will be exhibited at the Environment conference in Bali in November.

Tuvalu's Acting Director for Environment, Enati Evi says the project is very important.

"If you are sitting out there in different country, heard about these places you don't even know, I mean some of the people don't even know where Tuvalu is and what it's like so I think it's one of the ways we can do it through those kind of things."

Over 300 residents have been photographed and interviewed since the project started in April.