11 Jun 2007

Solomons' government says culture of corruption still present in police

1:47 pm on 11 June 2007

The Solomon Islands government says a culture of corruption remains a real problem within the police force and it welcomes the reported plan by the new police commissioner to eradicate it.

Jahir Khan from Fiji starts his new job as the Solomon Islands police commissioner today and he is reported in the Fiji media as saying one of his main objectives is to clean up corruption within the force.

Since it arrived nearly four years ago the Regional Assistance Mission has been working to rebuild the force and this process had seen hundreds of officers weeded out.

But the prime minister's secretary, John Roughan, says while this has had an impact, there is more work to do.

"This culture has been growing, not just simply during the tenure of this government, but over many many years. It is going to be a long process weeding this out. The police commissioner is very right in saying that he is going to make sure that he is doing his part that this corruption becomes rather than a culture, it becomes simply isolated acts by individuals."