12 Jun 2007

New Solomons police commissioner takes up job

10:50 am on 12 June 2007

A new police commissioner started his job in Solomon Islands this week.

Jahir Khan from Fiji was sworn in last month, replacing Shane Castles from Australia who was not allowed to return to the Solomons to continue his job after his Christmas break.

Mr Khan says one of his main objectives is to bring discipline to the police force.

"I'll be looking at the various areas where there is a need to have a look at the police force, but generally I can say this very confidently that there is nothing much wrong with the police force, there are some areas where they are lacking discipline and other things, people coming late to work and all those things, this needs to be pulled up and community policing is the other thing I would like to work on."

Jahir Khan also says he wants to appoint several police officers from Fiji to join him in Honiara and has already chosen two officers.