12 Jun 2007

New Solomons police commissioner hopes resentment against him will ease

10:49 am on 12 June 2007

Solomon Islands new police commissioner who started his new job this week says he hopes the resentment against him will be sorted out soon.

Jahir Khan from Fiji was sworn in last month to replace Shane Castles from Australia who was not allowed to return to the Solomons after his Christmas break because the government reclassified him as an undesirable immigrant.

Mr Khan's appointment is viewed with suspicion by Transparency Solomon Islands and some civil society groups which want him removed, saying there are enough locals who could do the job.

Mr Khan says he hopes the animosity against him will ease.

"I think this is very highly politicised and I would like to leave that to the politicians to sort [that] out. They are taking the issue to the court, they are quite welcome to do so, there are no problems. My job is to perform as the commissioner of police and I am doing the policing work and nothing else."

Jahir Khan, the new Solomon Islands police commissioner.