12 Jun 2007

Gizo hospital accommodates homeless staff

1:25 pm on 12 June 2007

Gizo hospital in Solomon Islands Western Province has started to accommodate some staff who were left homeless after the tsunami two months ago.

Since the April 2nd disaster, the medical facility in the provincial capital has been downgraded to a mini-hospital for outpatients who are referred to the hospital in Munda.

Gizo hospital suffered only moderate structural damage from the quake and tsunami.

However, many staff were among thousands whose homes were destroyed and were forced to live in makeshift shacks or tents on the hills.

The provincial Director of Health, Gregory Jilini, says this is one of the main reasons why many staff have been unable to work since the disaster.

"As of today we are able to actually accommodate some in the rest houses. Some staff we're able to rent them accommodation. But we still have a good number of them still living in tents. So those that are living in tents are not able to actually come to work fulltime."

Gregory Jilini