13 Jun 2007

Lautoka Chamber of Commerce seeks easing of travel bans

9:33 am on 13 June 2007

The Lautoka Chamber of Commerce in Fiji says Australia and New Zealand should lift travel bans placed on people wanting to serve on government appointed boards.

The Chamber president, Natwar Lal Vagh, has accused the two countries of double standards over Fiji.

Mr Vagh says there are dozens of countries where democracy is not even on the agenda where Australia and New Zealand trade and even give aid.

He says interference from Australia and New Zealand is intolerable when Fiji has the right to correct its economy and correct the mess in some of its public enterprises.

Mr Vagh says the Lautoka Chamber is impressed with how the interim government has tried to weed out corruption and shares its outrage at the blatant and arrogant abuse that has been going on.