13 Jun 2007

Tahoeraa politician favour early polls in French Polynesia

2:27 pm on 13 June 2007

A leading member of French Polynesia's ruling Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party, Bruno Sandras, says he is against having to wait until 2009 to hold the next general election.

Mr Sandras, who is through to this weekend's run-off poll to choose the territory's two members of the French national assembly, says so far all parties have called for early polls apart from his Tahoeraa.

This comes after last week's resignation of the telecommunications minister, Michel Yip, whose departure has prompted some politicians to say that the Tahoeraa-led government of Gaston Tong Sang has lost some of its legitimacy.

Mr Sandras says the working conditions are not good as Mr Tong Sang doesn't have a stable majority.

Early elections are possible if the assembly is dissolved by the French president.

This was last done three years ago and led to the election of a government run by the Union For Democracy.

Mr Sandras says if he wins a seat in the Paris assembly, he will vote for law to stop party-hopping which has contributed to repeated falls of local governments.