13 Jun 2007

Vanuatu coalition ructions over no-confidence move

2:29 pm on 13 June 2007

The Vanuaaku Pati has been forced to quit Vanuatu's coalition government after it supported a planned motion of no-confidence in the prime minister, Ham Lini.

The motion was filed in recent days by the leader of the opposition Serge Vohor.

However, it may be withdrawn because Mr Vohor and his Union of Moderate Parties have now agreed to join Mr Lini's coalition after the Vanuaaku Pati's departure.

Earlier this month, the VP, which is the country's oldest political party, lost MP George Wells from their ranks to join Mr Lini's National United Party.

Our correspondent, Len Garae, says despite then being able to force Mr Wells' removal as Minister of Internal Affairs, the VP remained dissatisfied in this government.

"They were pushed out for signing a vote of no-confidence in the coalition so Ham Lini moved UMP in to take their place. Things are still moving. The instability is still there, and it remains to be seen in the next few days as to whether it's going to stand or there's going to be more developments."

Len Garae