14 Jun 2007

Middle ground sought in Fiji wage cut dispute

4:10 pm on 14 June 2007

A senior industrial relations adviser at the Public Service Association in Fiji says a middle ground is being sought in new proposals which have gone to the interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, over the public sector union dispute.

The unions have threatened to strike over a five percent pay cut implemented by the interim regime and its decision to reduce the retirement age to 55.

The PSA's Nirbhay Singh says while they've put new proposals to the prime minister, the unions remain opposed to the pay cut, and have asked for it to be restored in stages.

Mr Singh wouldn't divulge any other details of their proposals.

"I mean, if there is a solution, and if there's an acceptable solution, that means the dispute has been mitigated and we will be in a position to avert any industrial action."

Mr Singh says if the response is unfavourable, the opposite applies.