14 Jun 2007

US awards grant to American Samoa to scope work force

6:40 pm on 14 June 2007

The US Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne has signed a grant award of 188,000 US dollars to the American Samoa Government .

The grant is to facilitate surveys and related activities to identify a qualified workforce that may help support new industries in American Samoa.

Secretary Kempthorne, who is on a two-day visit to American Samoa, told government and traditional leaders that the visit will help him understand the territory's needs.

"It is now beneficial for me to be able to come here so that when you do have those discussions in Washington DC, I now have my own frame of reference. I have experienced American Samoa, I have seen the generosity of the citizens, I have seen the warmth of your hospitality, I've seen the beauty of your islands."

Dirk Kempthorne was conferred the chiefly title Puleiite during an ava ceremony held in his honor.