15 Jun 2007

Bougainville leader says ABG firmly established itself as the real government in the province

10:06 am on 15 June 2007

The president of the autonomous Bougainville province in Papua New Guinea, Joseph Kabui, says his government now has firm control of the province.

Today is the second anniversary of the ABG coming into power, and Mr Kabui says it has been a period of tremendous success.

He says when they came to power they had to deal with rebel factions manning road blocks and some of the main island was off limits to his administration.

Mr Kabui says they now have 70 percent control - youths who had manned road blocks are now in school - while people in the former no-go zones have enrolled for the coming national elections in great numbers.

"These are very positive indications that the ABG has certainly come a long way now. People are beginning in Bougainville to realise that the ABG is the real authority. It is the real government that is here to stay."