15 Jun 2007

Fiji police seek Interpol assistance with treason inquiryr

10:14 am on 15 June 2007

Fiji police are seeking the help of the international police organisation, INTERPOL, in their treason investigations into the deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase.

This follows local investigations which have been under way since early this year with detectives being sent to interview Mr Qarase on his home island.

The military had complained to the police that Mr Qarase had sought New Zealand and Australian military intervention in Fiji at the time of the coup - an offence which is treasonous under Fiji law.

The New Zealand and Australian prime ministers said at the time they had declined military intervention.

Mr Qarase has denied the allegation.

A police spokesperson, Ulaiasi Ravula, says Interpol help is being sought for police inquiries in New Zealand and Australia.