18 Jun 2007

China an inspiration for Niue's leader

7:57 pm on 18 June 2007

Niue's Premier, Young Vivian, says his country needs to take a leaf out of China's book in its approach to life and work.

Mr Vivian has secured about one million New Zealand dollars in funding during an official visit to China.

He says the money may go towards funding major projects like wharf construction, airport maintenance, as well as roading and electricity upgrades.

The Premier says the visit marked the first serious step in Niue's relationship with China in terms of what they can do as partners in trade, tourism and agriculture.

He says he was very impressed with how the Chinese get things done.

"The spirit of the people in getting on with these things. They're totally dedicated, there's no distraction as far as they're concerned. And that kind of attitude and approach to life impressed us. They're hard-working people and that, I think, is needed in the Pacific. There's far too many distractions in the Pacific at the present moment - political distractions."