19 Jun 2007

Fears resumption of exporting dolphins could harm Solomon's tuna industry

7:14 am on 19 June 2007

There are fears the resumption of the export of live dolphins from Solomon Islands could harm its thriving tuna industry.

A former prime minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, imposed a ban on exporting dolphins, but the current government has reportedly backed the resumption of the trade.

The tuna industry depends on a dolphin safe label for the fish and Silverio Wale of the Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific says an export of dolphins would jeopardise that.

"Tuna have the same trail of movement with the dolphins. If that is going to happen, that would be a problem for the tuna management. That will have an effect on the people buying tuna from the Solomons."

Silverio Wale says the tuna industry is one of the fastest growing and most important industries in the country.