18 Jun 2007

American Samoa to provide statistics on workforce capabilities

6:03 pm on 18 June 2007

The American Samoan governor Togiola Tulafono, says he hopes to tap into the University of Hawaii to help with a study to show there's a local workforce for companies interested in establishing businesses in the territory.

The U.S. Interior department has provided a technical assistance grant of nearly 190,000 U.S. dollars to fund the study.

Togiola says it will enable American Samoa to provide solid statistics that they are able to provide necessary personnel and support staff for companies, especially call centers, looking at setting up businesses in the territory.

One call center wants to initially set up an operation with 200 seats per shift or 600 people a day and expand that operation to 1,000 people per shift or 6,000 a day.

Togiola says there could also be about 300-400 support staff.