19 Jun 2007

Tonga's Public Service Commission members reject the PSA's call to step down

3:09 pm on 19 June 2007

The members of the Tonga Public Service Commission say they have no intention of stepping down from their roles.

This comes after a call from the Public Servants Association said the 3 commissioners had not been acting in the interests of the public service.

The PSA has raised a number of concerns, including what it sees as mixed messages over the permanency of the 60,70, and 80 percent wage rises.

The Commission chairperson, Mishka Tu'ifua, says the rises are permanent and this has been confirmed by the government but she says there will be reviews which are standard procedure.

"As any organisation would conduct, private or public sector, to make sure that its employees are paid fairly and comparably within the jurisdiction they are in. So those reviews will continue to happen in the future and there is a review going to be conducted in the 2008 calendar year."

Tonga's Public Service Commission chairperson, Mishka Tu'ifua,