19 Jun 2007

Election candidate in PNG's Enga Province charged with attempted murder

3:10 pm on 19 June 2007

A candidate for Papua new Guinea's upcoming general elections in Enga province has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The newspaper, The National, reports that Kandep Open candidate Peter Mision is facing one count of attempted murder.

Wabag police allege that Mr Mision was among a group of people who attempted to shoot Deputy Prime Minister, Don Polye, during an election rally in Kandep on June 9th.

The provincial police commander, Teddy Tei ,said the 40-year old is alleged to have been among four candidates who mobilised their supporters and disrupted a rally organised for Mr Polye in Kandep.

Mr Mision's lawyer, George Korei, from the Public Solicitor's office, says ,his client maintains that there was no attempt to assassinate anyone in Kandep.

The lawyer says they have evidence that suggests the charge was politically motivated to derail Mr Mision's election campaign.

Mr Mision has a case pending in the National Court against Mr Polye, in which he claims Mr Polye failed to nominate properly.

He is seeking to have Mr Polye removed from the ballot.