21 Jun 2007

RAMSI official says capacity development is the Solomons' mission's main aim

2:15 pm on 21 June 2007

The outgoing development co-ordinator for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, Blair Exell, says that capacity development is now RAMSI's top priority.

Mr Exell says since the rule of law had been restored, capacity development had become the focus of RAMSI's work.

He says the intention is that Solomon Islanders will lead the recovery and development of their own country.

He says RAMSI and the Solomons government have worked hard to develop capacity development priorities and to agree on targets to work towards together.

Mr Exell says a number of activities are now in place such as the revitalised Institute of Public Administration and Management which has delivered 31 courses to 963 officers, including the first provincial training in many years