21 Jun 2007

In PNG Seventh Day Adventists assured they will have opportunity to vote despite Saturday clash

2:19 pm on 21 June 2007

The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission says special arrangements have been made for thousands of Seventh Day Adventists who will not be able to vote on the scheduled day for general election voting in Southern Highlands.

To avoid possibilities of violence the Commission is aiming to complete the vote in Southern Highlands in a single day - but the day chosen is the first day of the national poll, Saturday June 30th.

Seventh Day Adventists regard Saturday as their Sabbath and cannot vote then.

But the spokesman for the Electoral Commission, Mark Karambi, says the Commissioner wants to assure the Seventh Day Adventists they will get a chance to vote on Sunday, the 1st of July.

"The important thing is that provisions have already been made. There will be special arrangements for Seventh Day Adventists to cast their votes on Sunday after their Sabbath on the Saturday. so nobody will actually miss out on the opportunity to cast their votes."