22 Jun 2007

Fiji ranked 90th in index of failed states

9:48 am on 22 June 2007

A newly released Index of Failed States has ranked Fiji 90th out of 177 states.

Fiji TV reports that the index was compiled by Foreign Policy magazine of the Fund for Peace.

It is based on data collected from May to December last year when the Qarase government was still in power.

The Index takes into account data gathered on social, economic and political matters.

The index found that Fiji scored badly in the survey's political indicators and in another area described the rise of factionalised elites.

Fiji has fared worse than other regional countries such as Samoa and the Federated states of Micronesia but better than Solomon Islands.

The professor of governance at the University of the South Pacific, Ron Duncan, says the index is useful as states compare themselves with their peers and try to improve their rankings.