23 Jun 2007

New Vanuatu Minister of Internal Affairs keen to improve security

9:47 am on 23 June 2007

Vanuatu's new Minister for Internal Affairs, Keasipai Song, says he would like to improve the quality of security in the country.

The Tanna member of parliament has just taken on the Internal Affairs portfolio after defecting from the opposition to join the government with other Union of Moderate Parties MPs.

He's the second new Minister for Internal Affairs in the past month.

Phillip Boedoro of the Vanuaaku Pati held the portfolio briefly after taking over from long-time incumbent George Wells before the VP's departure from the coalition government last week.

Mr Song, who is part of the John Frum cult movement, says he's keen to unify Vanuatu's police force after the divisions of recent times.

"My target is to look into the security; especially to improve the quality of security in Vanuatu; and also to see that our defence co-operation with other partners, foreign partners, will continue."

Keasipai Song.