25 Jun 2007

President of Bar Association in Solomons challenges police raid on his offices

6:18 am on 25 June 2007

The President of the Solomon Islands Bar Association has applied to the High Court challenging the legality of a police raid on his office at the weekend.

Ranjid Hewagema has already gone to the courts asking to have the seized items from his office sealed until his legal challenge on the raid is ruled on by the court.

Police prosecution in turn have asked for an adjournment wanting to seek legal advice on the fact the Public Solicitor, Ken Averre, is representing Mr Hewagema.

The High Court Judge, Edwin Goldborough, adjourned the case to Wednesday afternoon

allowing police to seek legal counsel.

He also ruled, after agreement from prosecution and defence, that all seized items be kept secure in court premises until the legal challenge is heard.