28 Jun 2007

Attorney General waiting police file over attempted rape allegations

4:15 pm on 28 June 2007

Samoa's Attorney General, Ming Leung Wai, is still waiting for the completed file of police investigation into attempted rape allegations involving one of the three assistant police commissioners which were to be handed over last week.

However, Mr Leung Wai says Police Commissioner Papali'i Lorenese Neru told him that there were other details that needed to be completed before the file is handed over.

The attorney general says he hopes the file will be forwarded to his office soon for him to decide on what appropriate action should be taken against the senior police officer based on the evidence.

It has been over a month since the police professional standard unit carried out the investigation into the attempted rape complaint filed by two police women against the assistant commissioner who is currently suspended awaiting the outcome of the inquiry.