2 Jul 2007

Fiji Public Service Commission cancels leave ahead of possible strike action

9:50 am on 2 July 2007

Fiji's public service commission has cancelled all leave for civil servants ahead of the expiry of their notice to strike later this month.

The commission chairman, Rishi Ram, says the decision is a precautionary measure

Government ministries have been asked to review their contingency plans so there is as little disruption as possible if a strike takes place.

Public sector trade unions have criticised the decision to cancel leave saying it smacks of dictatorship and violates the rights of workers.

The general secretary of the Fiji Nurses Association, Kuini Lutua, says morale in the public service is at an all time low and people should be allowed to take their leave.

The public sector unions are planning strike action to protest against the 5% pay cut imposed on all civil servants and the reduction in their retirement age to 55.

Their strike notices expire in the third week of this month.