3 Jul 2007

Tonga broadcaster seeks re-admission to parliament

3:34 pm on 3 July 2007

The general manager of Tonga's Broadcasting Commission says it's in everyone's best interest to get back into parliament as soon as possible to report on its affairs.

Radio Tonga and Television Tonga have been locked out of parliament for over two weeks, which has hampered coverage.

Elenoa Amanaki says this was because it failed to re-apply to parliament to do so.

She says she has written a letter to the Speaker of the House asking to be let in again.

"It's important. Because the information from parliament that's discussed in there, affects a large number of people. Its broadcast in radio and television, and the radio reaches the outlying islands, so the people get information, and they then know what's happening in government. So we are negotiating a letter of request that's been sent for the permission to continue with the parliamentary reporting."

Ms Amanaki says it is now awaiting a reply from the Speaker of the House.

She says they are likely to know the outcome next week, when parliament sits again.