6 Jul 2007

American Samoa vessel to make more trade trips to Tokelau

9:58 am on 6 July 2007

Swains Representative Alexander Jennings is confident that Tokelau will be ordering a lot more fuel and store goods from American Samoa on the MV Sili's next trip to the atolls.

He said their first trading voyage to Tokelau took only a limited supply because there was no communication with the island in the days leading up to the Sili's departure with the first shipment of fuel.

The Swains representative said the people and leaders of Tokelau want to continue this trade relationship with American Samoa.

"Hopefully for the next run we have a couple of months to prepare. In the event that they want the service of MV Sili we will also be bringing wholesale goods as well as frozen goods to Tokelau.."