9 Jul 2007

Australia-based Fiji academic describes several interim ministers as opportunists

10:12 am on 9 July 2007

An Australia-based Fiji academic, Dr Brij Lal, has described three interim ministers in the current administration as opportunists.

The Sunday Times reports that Dr Lal has named them as the interim minister for finance, Mahendra Chaudhry; the minister for public service, Poseci Bune; and the minister for tourism and labour, Bernadette-Rounds Ganilau.

Speaking from Canberra, Prof Lal says weeding out corruption in Fiji would be easier if people who are compromised and opportunistic are not part of the interim regime.

He says the process of transparency preached by the interim administration was not followed through when people such as Mr Chaudhry and Mr Bune, who are known Labour Party people, were invited to join the bandwagon.

But Mr Chaudhry says Prof Lal is a known National Federation Party sympathizer, is known to make such statements and is insignificant to Fiji's progress.

Mr Chaudhry says Professor Lal should come to Fiji instead of making statements from Canberra.