10 Jul 2007

Cook Islands MPs should expect pressure from public servants says their representative

3:16 pm on 10 July 2007

The president of the Cook Islands Workers Association says public servants should put pressure on their MPs to do something about the long delay in receiving their cost of living adjustments, or COLA.

Anthony Turua says the government agreed more than 12 months ago to paying COLA to public employees but they still haven't seen them in their pay packets.

He says the total package amounted to 12 percent over three years but the 4 percent for 2006 still hasn't been paid out and they are due another 4 percent for 2007/2008 with a final adjustment next year.

Mr Turua says he hasn't been able to get an answer from the government as to why COLA isn't being paid out so he's advising public servants to contact their MPs.

"Their best bet is to go after their own member of parliament and force the issue that, you know, it's been a long delay in terms of getting their cost of living adjustment. So, it'll be interesting to see what the feedback is in the next week or so."

Anthony Turua.

The Finance Minister and the Finance Secretary are currently out of the country so could not be contacted for comment.