13 Jul 2007

Khredda group mediates in New Caledonia's Goro dispute

2:09 pm on 13 July 2007

An international mediation group has left New Caledonia after a second round of talks between the Goro Nickel company and a mining project opponent, Rheebu Nuu.

The group, Kreddha, is mediating between the Goro Nickel company, the provincial government and the Kanak group that is opposed to the project on environmental grounds amid demands for royalties.

Goro Nickel's spokesperson, Catherine Guillaume says Kreddha visited the territory for further talks with all stakeholders.

"Kreddha made a second trip [to] New Caledonia last week to continue the mediation process. They will come back later for further discussions. Today, all discussions under this mediation are confidential, on request of the different parties, so I won't be able to comment further. What I can say it is a continuing process."

Catherine Guillaume says she is confident that they will find a solution fairly soon.