19 Jul 2007

Solomons riot report says Australian-led police was unprepared for unrest

6:12 pm on 19 July 2007

An inquiry set up by the Solomon Islands government into last year's riots has pointed to failures by Australian police commanders leading up to incidents.

The inquiry's interim report says police failed to adequately assess the risk of civil unrest on April the 18th when Solomons MPs voted to install Snyder Rini as the new prime minister.

The inquiry, chaired by former PNG National Court judge Brian Brunton, found Australian police commanders had no detailed plan to deal with potential unrest.

They also had an insufficient number of police officers.

No-one was killed but more than 30 Australian Federal Police were injured as they confronted rock-throwing mobs.

The four-member inquiry team said in its report that it would leave issues of any responsibility, and any breaches of duty for a later report.