24 Jul 2007

Guadalcanal Province MPs in Solomon Islands threaten to withdraw support from govt

6:57 am on 24 July 2007

MPs from Guadalcanal Province in Solomon Islands have threatened to withdraw their support for Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare unless he dumps fugitive Australian lawyer Julian Moti from the attorney-general's job.

A recent meeting of Guadalcanal leaders drafted six demands for Mr Sogavare, including that he immediately remove Mr Moti and new Police Commissioner Jahir Khan and drop plans to re-arm units of the Solomons police force.

A spokesman for the meeting said Mr Sogavare had two weeks to respond to their demands or the five Guadalcanal members in his government would cross the floor and support an opposition no-confidence motion in his leadership.

The motion is scheduled to be heard after parliament resumes on August 7.

Mr Moti was sworn in as attorney-general on July 9, despite the fact Australia is seeking his extradition on child sex charges committed in Vanuatu.