24 Jul 2007

Legal case in Fiji could call into question key government appointments could

7:35 pm on 24 July 2007

A case before the courts questioning the appointment of Fiji's acting chief justice, could also bring into question other decisions made by the Judicial Services Commission, including the appointment of a new solicitor-general.

The Fiji Law Society is bringing the case because it says the Judicial Services Commission, which recommends appointments to the president, should be chaired by the chief justice.

It was instead chaired by Justice Nazhat Shameem because the chief justice, Daniel Fatiaki, was suspended by a presidential order.

The law society's vice-president, Tupou Draunidalo, says the people at the meeting which made the appointment should not have been there.

"So any appointment by this current body, if the courts rule in our way, in our judicial review, will be up for scrutiny."

Tupou Draunidalo, the vice-president of the Fiji Law Society.