25 Jul 2007

New governor of Port Moresby promises different approach to bring basic services to all

10:42 am on 25 July 2007

The new governor of Papua New Guinea's National Capital District, lawyer and human rights activist, Powes Parkop, says many in Port Moresby are without basic needs and his goal is to improve services for them.

He says he wants to create an environment in the city that allows political, social and economic progress.

Mr Parkop says many people do not have access to water, sewerage systems, electricity or opportunities for work and education.

And he says another major issue is the denial of the rights of the city's indigenous landowners.

"That is itself another challenge that we have got to address in order to balance the social and political issues facing the city so that we can try to build a conducive environment for progress, socially, economically and politically."