25 Jul 2007

Guadalcanal MPs not expected to necessarily resign over demands to Solomons PM

3:08 pm on 25 July 2007

A Guadalcanal leader in Solomon Islands says the block of government MPs from his province will not neccessarily quit the government if their demands aren't met.

A recent meeting of Guadalcanal leaders drafted a number of demands for the MPs to present to the Prime Minister.

The main three were that he immediately remove Julian Moti as Attorney general, and Jahir Khan, the new Police Commissioner as well as drop plans to re-arm units of the local police force.

The chairman of the meeting, Walter Naezon, says the MPs have been asked to convey the concerns of an overwhelming majority of people in the province.

"The Prime Minister wants to take the commissioner of police because he wants a re-armanent policy. He wants to take Moti because he wants him to advise him on the legal issues as the principal legal advisor to the government, to make sure the armament continues. So to me and most of the Guadalcanal people, we believe that all these three agendas are only one and that is to re-arm the police."

Walter Naezon says his people are more interested in their concerns being raised than the MPs having to withdraw support for the Prime Minister.