26 Jul 2007

Transparency international PNG calls for MPs to not succumb to inducements

11:01 am on 26 July 2007

The anti corruption agency Transparency International in Papua New Guinea is calling on MPs not to succumb to inducements as parties begin building potential governing coalitions.

Most seats are expected to be declared by the end of the week with the writs to be returned by Monday.

The ruling National Alliance is expected to have by far the most seats but any government will be made up of a number of parties and independents.

The secretary of TI in PNG, Richard Kassman, says the independents will be the power players in the formation of the government but he wants to remind them of their obligations under the country's laws on political integrity.

"At least warn MPs to act within the intention of the legislation and warn against the horse trading which creates obligations, undue obligations and commitments that stand in the way of good governance."