27 Jul 2007

Tahiti President to take large delegation to Rarotonga for funeral of Sir Tom Davis

1:49 pm on 27 July 2007

French Polynesia's political barriers will be dropped as a large delegation led by the President Gaston Tong Sang heads to the state funeral of former Cook Islands Prime Minister Sir Tom Davis this weekend.

Sir Tom died on the main island Rarotonga earlier this week aged 90.

An advisor for Gaston Tong Sang, Frederick Cibard, says the delegation will leave tomorrow morning, and will be well represented.

"He's inviting about 35 people of the government of course, and he also inviting persons from the Tahoeraa, which is the main autonomous party and also from the UPLD which is headed by [former President] Oscar Temaru."

Frederick Cibard.

New Zealand will be represented by Cabinet Minister, Chris Carter.