31 Jul 2007

Former PNG Treasurer says PM is no longer capable of providing competent leadership

7:07 am on 31 July 2007

A rival coalition trying to head off Sir Michael Somare's National Alliance for the control of the new government says the current prime minister is no longer capable of providing competent leadership.

Bart Philemon, who was dumped as Treasurer last year by Sir Michael, and former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, are endeavouring to build a coalition around their New Generation and PNG Parties.

Mr Philemon says they have the backing of a total of 13 parties and he believes the contest to form the new government is wide open.

He says parties are supporting the coalition because they believe Sir Michael's time is past.

"First and foremost, agewise he has gone beyond that age where he can provide a competent leadership, and we all know that."

And Mr Philemon says the parties want to see the benefits of the economic gains of the past five years flow into the rural areas.