31 Jul 2007

French Polynesian president consults widely over political crisis

11:04 am on 31 July 2007

The French Polynesian president, Gaston Tong Sang, has scheduled about 50 meetings with a range of organisations this week to discuss the political crisis and possible solutions.

Most political parties want fresh elections which the French government has ruled out as it is firmly behind Mr Tong Sang's policies.

The leader of his Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party, Gaston Flosse, has been in talks with the pro-independence opposition's Oscar Temaru in a bid to dislodge the administration the Tahoreaa put in place when it ousted Mr Temaru in December.

Mr Tong Sang says in the current situation it is difficult to provide a stable government.

If Mr Flosse's supporters side with Mr Temaru's assembly members, Mr Tong Sang will have the support of about only a quarter of the assembly members.