31 Jul 2007

Papua Kingmi church raided again by Indonesian police

6:16 pm on 31 July 2007

The Kingmi Church in the capital of Papua province has reportedly again been occupied by Indonesian police.

According to eyewitnesses, mobile paramilitary police, the Brimob, supported by Indonesian military forcibly entered and ransacked the Church's Jayapura Synod office, smashing windows and damaging church equipment.

Three members of the Kingmi church and two others were reportedly wounded in the attack by the Indonesian security forces and a number of arrests made.

The police and military actions follow a confrontation between members of the Kingmi church and a group reportedly from the Indonesian Tabernacle Bible Church who want to gain control of the Kingmi church assets.

This is the third time since December that the Indonesian police have occupied the Kingmi office.

An Indonesian court decision in April 2007 recognised the Kingmi Synod's right to maintain control of the Church assets in West Papua.