1 Aug 2007

Fiji teachers association says it was left with no option but to strike

7:20 am on 1 August 2007

The Fiji Teachers Association says the interim government's rejection of its demands have left it with no option but to go on strike tomorrow.

The Association and two other public sector unions, the Public Employees Union and the Viti National Union of Taukei Workers decided to stage the strike after talks with government broke down.

These unions have been demanding staggered restoration of the 5 percent pay cut imposed in March this year.

They also wanted the retirement age to remain at 60 rather than 55 and the retention of the Partnership Agreement signed by the deposed government promising pay increases.

The Association's President, Tevita Koroi, says nearly twelve thousand workers - almost half of Fiji's public service - will strike.

"They had all the time to try and work the strike but it seems that they are adamant that they would not budge, they would not move away from their position not even to come to some common grounds on the issues."

Over 1,200 nurses have already been on strike for a week.