3 Aug 2007

Fiji Education Ministry suspends President of Fijian Teachers Association

10:02 am on 3 August 2007

Fiji's education ministry is taking disciplinary action against the president of the striking Fijian Teachers Association and school principal, Tevita Koroi.

Mr Koroi has been suspended for writing a letter to parents asking them to keep their children away from schools and another letter to Fijian teachers and principals asking them to stay away from work.

The interim education minister, Netaini Sukanaivalu, says teachers with attitude will no longer be tolerated and has ordered a clean-up of the ministry.

He says Fijian children are already lagging in education and the actions of Fijian teachers will put them further behind.

Many Fijian schools reported very low attendance yesterday with most students staying home.

Meanwhile, administrators of schools run by the Catholic and Methodist Churches as well as a Hindu religious organisation have appealed to parents to keep sending their children to school for the sake of their education.

The Hindu organisation, the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, which runs large numbers of schools, has been in discussion with the education ministry offering to take in students from schools where Fijian teachers have gone on strike.