6 Aug 2007

Fiji ministry says no member is back despite reinstatement of GCC

1:40 pm on 6 August 2007

Fiji's Ministry for Fijian Affairs says that no suspended members of the Great Council of Chiefs will be reinstated before the cabinet approves a new regulation ruling the body.

The interim minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, says that although the GCC was reinstated through regulations gazetted last week, its former members remain suspended.

Following the reinstatement of the GCC, its suspended chairman Ratu Ovini Bokini and other chiefs withdrew their High Court challenge against their suspension in April.

The executive officer of the Minister's office, Kini Rarubi, says the purpose of reinstating the regulation of the GCC was to carry out the ongoing review of its membershi and machinery.

"You can't review something that is suspended. So that is why it had to be reinstated and that regulation, once it's reinstated, now a review can be carried out of this regulation. And how long it will take? I think the Minister is adamant that it should follow due process and he'll be giving it top priority."

Kini Rarubi