9 Aug 2007

Fiji's CCF criticises FICAC operations manner

10:23 am on 9 August 2007

The manner in which the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption or FICAC has been operating has come under strong criticism from the Citizens Constitutional Forum.

The CCF's executive director, the Rev Akuila Yabaki, says the way in which the commission conducts its investigations violates a number of human rights.

The Rev Yabaki says the current investigation method appears to involve publicizing the name of the person they suspect of corrupt practices.

He says such publicity amounts to trial by media and infringes the right of the person to fair treatment under the law.

The Rev Yabaki says the resulting effect is defamation of character and invasion of a person's right to privacy.

He says all people are entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Meanwhile, Malaysia is to help provide training for investigators of the anti-rot body.

Its deputy commissioner, Col George Langman, says two officers at a time will leave for Malaysia from the end of this month.